Gold Rush at the English Olympics 2019!!!

On Wednesday, May 8th a four student team made their way to the Guntramsdorf Middle School to represent our school at Lower Austria’s most prestigious English language competition: The English Olympics! Our team demonstrated incredible teamwork, creativity, determination, and language expertise. This combination helped Mona (4b), Rafik (4d), Daris (4d), and Marc (4e) bring home the GOLD!!!

The seven Olympic events not only rigorously tested the students’ knowledge of the English language, but also their cultural knowledge of English speaking countries, as well as their ability to use English as a working language.

As is tradition with the English Olympics, this victory comes with great responsibility; the honor of hosting the English Olympics 2020 for our district is now in our hands! The warm hospitality and top organization we experienced at the MS Guntramsdorf will be difficult to top, but our students will certainly be up to the task!

See you next year!


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